“I managed a big size building, which is a ten floor office building. For me to clean it with my own staff, I really need to set aside a whole week to do this. You can imagine how tiring it is for two people to clean ten bathrooms and 100 rooms, and then a cafeteria room and a kitchen. It’s impossible to do that by one small team, I was so happy that I found Arms Cleaning to clean my office building for me and they even do a better job than my own people. I am very pleased with their work and highly recommend them.”- Isabelle

“I am a proud owner of a little motel in Los Angeles and I do my best to keep it clean and cozy for visitors. I used to look at different commercial cleaning services to see who can keep the motel up to my standards of clean, and I happen to stumble upon Arms Cleaning and decided to test them out. They turned out to be great and always did a great job, not just a halfway one. I even got compliments on how clean motel was and I was thoroughly pleased with the cleaning by Arms cleaning after that”- Joe Fisher

“Working at a big corporate company and all the people that come in and out every day, we have to make sure that the sanitation is up to par with our cleaning department. We looked around to see who can help come get the job done right and finally invited Arms Cleaning, this was a definite success. These guys always left the offices smelling good and spotless clean. There was never dirt on the ground or dust on the desks. It was just superb; this is by far the best commercial cleaning service I have ever dealt with.”- Jack Richardson

“I am a proud owner of a hotel cleaning company and I have recently learned Arms Cleaning which is also another commercial cleaning service. These guys are amazing and because of my deep respect for their hard work and the way they clean, I invited them to come clean our offices and manage them. How odd is it that a commercial cleaning service is cleaning the offices of another cleaning service. Despite the irony, I have to hand it to them; they really do leave everything spotless.”- Susan Zimmerman

“Being a single mother and having to take care of three kids, a job, and food for them has got to be one of the most impossible tasks in the world. Besides all this I have to worry about cleaning the house, yea right! I have some good friends here at Arms Cleaning that always seems to do the best job in keeping my house clean and my kids safe from the dirtiness that is around. I love these guys because I seriously don’t know where I would be without them, this house would be a zoo!”- Rebecca